Rotational Raid Times

Week One:  Tuesday and Friday @ 7:30-9:30/10PM EST

Week Two:  Wednesday and Thursday @ 7:30-9:30/10PM EST

Then "rotate" back to Week One

All raid invites are sent via in-game calendar with seven day notice.

All raids are personal loot.

Discord available to members only.

About Us

A History

Untamed originates to the early years of World of Warcraft, where the guild was first created on Lightning's Blade (US) by a Night Elf Priest named Jesta.  The current Untamed is ran by an original 2006 member.

Community Diversity

We're a collection of long time friends that have played since 2005.  We are Raiders, PVPers, Dungeon Delvers - we do more than just gather to progress in the latest raid.  We are a community of veteran gamers that enjoy our hobby together.